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Hip Replacement Injuries Are Becoming More Common

A hip replacement is intended to improve quality of life, providing increased mobility and relief from pain. If you are experiencing joint dislocation, popping and grinding or other problems after your hip surgery, talk to an attorney.

Hip replacement injuries can lead to serious health consequences:

  • Uncomfortable sensations of popping and grinding
  • Hip Failure
  • Swelling and extreme pain
  • Metal Poisoning (also known as Metallosis) – such as elevated levels of chromium and cobalt in your bloodstream
  • Pseudotumors and tissue necrosis

There has been an increase in recalled orthopedic hip replacement devices in recent years. For example, the Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip replacement prosthesis and Pinnacle Hip Replacement system are now the subject of lawsuits. This is based on evidence that the company sold the product to doctors even after learning of a high rate of failure, resulting in pain and suffering and a need to replace the device. In addition, hip implant devices manufactured by other companies such as Stryker, Wright and Biomet have also failed.

With thousands of Americans suffering from hip injuries due to defective hip devices, it’s important that your situation is investigated promptly to determine whether a product defect is responsible for your hip pain. It is in your best interest to hire attorneys specialized in hip injuries who can provide you with the skilled legal counsel you need to receive full compensation.

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