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Product Recall Cases: What You Need To Know

When you purchase a product, you believe it has been tested and proven safe for use. The fact is that defects in design and manufacturing errors can result in hidden danger in use for both adults and children. Everything from cars to tools, toys to appliances can be subject to defects that cause injury during use.

Companies may issue recalls for unsafe products, but if you or a family member has suffered or been injured prior to a recall or if reasonable measures weren’t taken by the product manufacturer to notify you of the recall, you may be entitled to compensation.

Any type of product may be subject to recall:

  • Household appliances or systems (furnace, water heaters, small appliances)
  • Cars, motorcycles, trucks, campers, ATVs
  • Infant or child products, furniture, toys
  • Equipment and tools
  • Medical devices

A manufacturer may issue a recall for several reasons. Products with sharp edges; small pieces that become dislodged and ingested by children; defective safety devices; exposed nails, screws or pins; faulty electric wiring; or a defect in design that can cause deadly harm such as a defective car seat or crib design are all reasons that a recall may be issued — or should have been issued.

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