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Getting Help After Your Child Has Been Injured

When a child is seriously injured, the scars are not only physical, but psychological and emotional as well. Coping with a serious injury or death of a child is a life-altering experience.

When a serious injury occurs to a child due to the negligence of another, contact the attorneys at Anderson, Moschetti & Taffany, PLLC. We have over 85 years of combined experience handling serious injury cases involving children. We will thoroughly investigate the accident and work to obtain full compensation for medical costs, disability and pain and suffering.

Causes and types of serious injuries to children include:

As a parent, you do everything possible to protect your child from pain or harm. But when this happens as the result of another’s negligence, we will be there to investigate the incident and determine if a claim is available. If so, we will work hard to obtain full compensation.

We Will Fight For Your Child’s Rights

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