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Thousands of people are injured each year in this country from slip-and-fall accidents resulting in serious personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Injury can result from a poorly maintained sidewalk outside a home, at a supermarket or mall, or on a public sidewalk.

Residential, commercial and municipal property owners and managers have a legal responsibility to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Accidents can result from an unsalted or unshoveled surface following a snowstorm, a deteriorated walkway or a poorly lit stairway. Accidents can also result from poor construction of a walking surface such as a parking lot or sidewalk.

Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall injuries can cause serious injuries with sometimes long-term effects. Such accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries and fractures to the wrist, hips and other bones.

When property owners are responsible for slip-and-fall accidents

When we go to shops, restaurants or other businesses in Albany, New York, we do not expect to suffer an injury. However, sometimes, dangerous conditions exist on such premises that cause a patron to suffer a slip-and-fall accident. These accidents can cause severe injuries that are costly and have a long recovery period. For these reasons, it is important to understand when commercial property owners are liable for the injuries a patron suffers in a slip-and-fall accident on their premises.

First, to hold the commercial property owner (or employee of the commercial property owner) legally responsible for the fall, one of three conditions must exist: either the property owner must have caused the surface of the floor to be dangerous; the property owner must have known about the dangerous surface but did not remedy it; or the property owner should have known that the surface presented a danger because a “reasonable” commercial property owner would have known about it and remedied it.

The third condition is the most common, though it can be difficult to prove. This is because what a property owner “should have known” is not always black-and-white. But, a person can still try to bring a slip-and-fall claim against the negligent party, as long as the injury was not caused by the person’s own carelessness.

Slip-and-fall accidents happen all too often and can result in head injuries, back injuries, broken bones and more. Those who suffer such injuries may want to hold the party responsible for the dangerous condition liable.


Investigating A Slip & Fall Claim Takes A Skilled Attorney

Slip-and-fall accident claims require careful investigation. We will attempt to obtain photographs to document the defective condition, acquire statements from witnesses or obtain analysis by a professional engineer who works with us and will testify in court about the defect and its relationship to the cause of the accident and resulting injury.

There are many statutory and case law rules that provide us with the relevant standards of legal responsibility applicable to the claim, depending on the type of claim, the potentially responsible party and the standard of care to be applied. Additionally, our premises liability attorneys know that different deadlines exist to bring a claim, depending on the entity being sued, such as a private premises owner, local municipality or state or federal government.

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