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Personal Injury Law: Know Your Rights

There are countless circumstances under which people suffer minor or severe injuries. Each set of circumstances may fall under different areas of New York State law. That is why it is important to speak with experienced and knowledgable layers as soon as possib;e after you or a loved one is injured. If you find yourself in a situation where you may need representation, please give us a call at 785-4900. We also have the below articles discussing New York state law and personal injuries. Some of our most popular articles include:

Will My Personal Injury Case Go To Court If It Becomes a Lawsuit?

Gavel in courtroom where a personal injury trial is taking placeAs personal injury attorneys, we represent clients who have suffered serious personal injuries as the result of various types of accidents. From motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, and slip and fall accidents to construction site accidents and defective product accidents we have more than 90 years of combined experience handling personal injury claims of all kinds.

While each type of case involves different legal issues, a common question we are asked by clients in every type of case type is this: “will my case go to trial?” (more…)

How Soon After an Accident Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

auto accident involving two cars on a city streetThere are many things to take care of following an accident that results in personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence. First and foremost, the focus must be on getting the proper medical treatment the injured individuals need.

Once that is in place, the concern should be to consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss numerous issues, including how medical bills will be paid, how lost wages will be recouped, and how compensation for pain and suffering and long term disability and hardship will be addressed. (more…)

New York State Dog Bite Laws: Who Is Liable for Dog Attacks?

angry rottweiler on blue backgroundDespite being man’s best friend, it is a sad truth that millions of people are bitten each year by dogs in the United States. Even worse, tens of thousands of people need to undergo reconstructive surgery each year as a result of these attacks. Tragically, statistics show that children are most often the victims of dog bites. In fact, injuries to children can be particularly physically and emotionally devastating.

Understanding New York Dog Bite Laws

Under New York law, liability of dog owners for injuries caused by their pets is governed by common law case decision precedent. Put another way, there are no legislatively enacted rules or statutes on the books that directly pertain to dog bite liability such as a “dog bite statute.”

As a result, proving the case can be tricky and requires an attorney who is knowledgeable about the cases that constitute the body of rules that must be analyzed to determine if a case can be successfully brought. You should obtain an experienced Albany premises liability attorney to represent you in your Albany dog bite case. (more…)

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Walkers & Runners: Preventing Car-Pedestrian Collisions

group of 6 runners running on the roadWith cooler temperatures and the autumn leaves arriving, Fall in Upstate New York is a great time to be outside. Understandably, Fall is a favorite season for those who enjoy outdoor recreation. Every day, runners and walkers head out to the roads and sidewalks for some exercise and fresh air before the winter cold and snow makes being outdoors less enticing.

Unfortunately, with the days getting shorter and dusk falling right around the time that many drivers in the Capital Region are commuting home from work, Fall is also a popular time of year for car accidents involving pedestrians. (more…)

I Was Injured as the Result of Someone Else’s Negligence. Why Do I Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer?

Man doing research about how to pursue a personal injury lawsuitYou were seriously injured in an accident that was clearly the fault of someone else.

Perhaps it was a car accident caused by a driver whose behavior was negligent. Or possibly it was a slip and fall accident as the result of a dangerous condition that had been brought to the attention of the property owner yet not rectified in a timely fashion.

Whatever the situation, it is evident that another party or individual is responsible for causing your injuries. You recognize that if you choose to move forward with a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your injuries, you will be entitled to recover for the pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses that resulted from the incident.

With this in mind, you’re wondering – ‘Should I attempt to resolve the claim on my own by evaluating my injuries and other damages given how straightforward this seems to be? Or should I retain a personal injury attorney to represent me?’ (more…)

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth? How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Determine How Much My Case is Worth?

an icon depicting a bag of money on a yellow backgroundIf you are considering pursuing a personal injury claim, you may be wondering how much compensation you can expect to receive if you decide to move forward with a lawsuit.

It’s a great question, and one that an experienced personal injury attorney familiar with your case is the best person to answer. The value of your case is not something you’ll be able to “calculate” on your own.

How Much Should I Expect to Recover?

How much your case is worth depends on a number of factors specific to your case.

While some claims can be easily assessed by looking at a few variables, most involve many issues that are addressed by a knowledgeable attorney who can weigh all of the relevant criteria that a jury might consider in arriving at an award. Part of this analysis involves an appreciation by the attorney that juries are composed of persons who may, collectively, arrive at a decision by weighing the issues in a very different way than either side thought would guide their reasoning. (more…)

I Was Hurt in an Amusement Park Accident: What Are My Rights?

State Fair Amusement ParkDuring the summer, it is very common for families to visit amusement parks, “fun plex” centers, fair grounds and carnivals. Many of the larger regional and national theme parks are located in upstate New York and attract families on vacations or day trips this time of year. Additionally, traveling carnivals come into towns for a few days to a week with games, rides and food.

While most of the time these rides are safe and lots of fun, unfortunately accidents resulting injury do occur. There are many reports of amusement park accidents each year, some resulting in serious personal injury and even death. (more…)

Why Should I Retain A Small Personal Injury Firm to Handle My Case?

Albany lawyers and staffWhen people find themselves in need of a personal injury attorney, the television ads and billboards of large law firms are often first to come to mind. Perhaps because of their catchy jingles on the radio or the expensive TV advertising campaigns, they’re the firms that people see or hear about first most of the time.

But although big law firms might be top of mind initially, many individuals ultimately choose to hire a small personal injury firms to handle their cases after researching their options.

Wondering who you should partner with to pursue your personal injury case? Here, we’ll review a few of the benefits that make working with a small law firm the ideal option for many. (more…)

If I Was Injured in a Police Chase Car Accident, What Are My Rights?

Close up photograph of a police carAll drivers at one point or another have experienced that jolting blare of a siren from a police car.

It’s common knowledge that we are required to pull off the highway and onto the side of the road to allow police and other emergency vehicles to respond as quickly as possible to an accident, crime scene or fire. In fact, emergency personnel have a statutory right to violate normally applicable traffic laws under New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1104.

However, this does not excuse police officers from acting recklessly. Police officers must act in such a manner so as to unreasonably causing a car accident. (more…)

Constructive Notice: What Is It and How Will It Impact My Slip and Fall Case Against a Property Owner?

Woman in a wheelchair due to a broken ankle from a slip and fall accidentIn many cases involving the liability of a property owner for an injury to someone who falls—known as “premises liability” claims, “notice” is an important factor. This involves whether the owner or person in charge of the property had “notice” of the alleged defect—be it snow, ice, or a broken step—and the opportunity to have fixed the condition before someone got hurt. There are a couple of types of notice to be aware of: actual notice and constructive notice.

Here, we’ll delve into the specifics of constructive notice, defining what it is and how it could impact your case against a property owner following your involvement in a slip and fall accident. (more…)