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Who is liable for an icy parking lot slip and fall?

Winter brings along its own set of safety challenges, with one of the most common hazards being icy surfaces. Slips and falls in icy parking lots can result in catastrophic damage such as broken bones or traumatic brain injuries.

This cold reality leaves many wondering who is responsible for such accidents. Knowing how to determine liability in a parking lot slip and fall can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Property owners bear the responsibility

When it comes to icy parking lots, property owners are in charge of ensuring the safety of those who traverse their premises. Whether it is a shopping mall, apartment complex or business establishment, the property owner is typically responsible for maintaining safe conditions. This responsibility extends to the parking lot as well as any sidewalks on the property.

Property management’s role

There are cases when a third party might manage the property where a slip and fall occurs. A property management company, for example, would then be responsible for maintaining safe conditions. Property managers must carry out routine inspections, arrange for snow and ice removal and take proactive measures to prevent accidents.

Business tenants and responsibility

In some instances, the liability for an icy parking lot may also extend to businesses leasing the property. If a business has control over the parking lot’s maintenance, they may share responsibility for ensuring a safe environment.

There are over one million emergency room visits each year due to slip-and-falls, with many occurring during the winter because of icy conditions. Nature is uncontrollable, but when it comes to safety in parking lots and on sidewalks, property owners have a responsibility to take action.