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The deadliest type of car accident

Car accidents continue to result in thousands of injuries and deaths on our nation’s roads and highways each year. While they occur for many reasons, the most common is inattention of a driver due to texting, talking with a passenger, fatigue, or momentary lapse of judgment.  Types of collisions range from so called “rear-enders” to fatal head-on collisions, which is the type of event most likely to cause at least one fatality, if not more, due to the tremendous force resulting from two cars colliding while moving in opposite directions.

Head-on car accidents are the most dangerous type of car accidents because these types of collisions typically happen at high speeds. While these are less common than other kinds of accidents, they are most likely to extremely serious because of the impact that occurs when two vehicles collide, and they most certainly happen in and around Albany.

Even if one of the drivers or passengers survives a head-on collision, it is likely they will sustain serious injuries, such as:

  • Broken necks
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Major organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Heart trauma
  • Brain stem injuries
  • Limb amputations
  • Paralysis

The life changing nature of these injuries necessitates extensive medical care, result in long-term and sometimes permanent disability and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expense, lost income, fringe benefits and years of pain and suffering.

Most common causes

The most common causes of head-on collisions between vehicles include ignoring traffic signs, ignoring stoplights, speeding and sometimes even trying to avoid hitting an obstacle in the road. Ironically, in some cases, the driver tries to avoid hitting debris or some other object in front of them and swerves, only to hit an oncoming vehicle head-on.

Protecting yourself

Head-on collisions are extremely dangerous, but there are things you can do to prevent becoming involved in one. Even though it is not possible to protect yourself from any possibility of this kind of event, you can still take action to protect yourself.

  • Drive at safe speeds and resist the urge to speed up, even if traffic is low.
  • Respect all traffic laws, signs and stoplights. Be constantly alert.
  • Stay in your lane and do not drive too closely to other cars.

Car accidents are impossible to prevent, but you can minimize the likelihood of being in one. Ensure you follow the rules of the road, and act quickly to avoid danger if you sense it coming.