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Why don’t drivers see motorcyclists?

One of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents in New York and throughout the U.S. is that drivers of cars and trucks simply don’t see motorcycles on the road. This is no excuse for causing a serious or even fatal injury, but by better understanding the phenomenon we hope to help lessen its deadly impact.

Distractions abound

Anytime a driver sends a text, takes a phone call, changes the radio station or otherwise engages in distracted behavior, he or she is putting lives at risk. Distracted driving is especially dangerous in the presence of motorcycles because the smaller vehicles are more difficult to see. Dangerous scenarios drivers of passenger vehicles must watch out for include:

  • Left turns: Many motorcycle accidents are the result of drivers making left turns and driving into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Drivers must take special care to watch out for oncoming vehicles, especially during twilight and other low-visibility conditions.
  • Changing lanes: When drivers change lanes without thoroughly checking their surroundings, they can all too easily overlook a motorcycle and push it off the side of the road. Drivers should pay special attention to blind spots while making lane changes. It may be helpful to install special convex mirrors to broaden the visible rear and side view area, but drivers should also look to the side before changing lanes and not only rely on mirrors.

Motorcyclists are relatively unprotected in the event of a collision with a car or truck and the resulting injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal. When an accident does occur, the motorcyclist or his or her family should be aware of their legal options.

No-fault laws do not apply

In New York, drivers of cars and trucks are covered by no-fault insurance laws, meaning insurance companies are obligated to pay for medical bills and lost wages after an accident. No-fault laws do not apply to motorcycles. This can be a devastating turn of events for an injured motorcyclist, but the law offers hope. Even if no-fault laws do not apply, injured motorcyclists still have the right to pursue compensation through personal injury claims.

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