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How often is construction a factor in road deaths?

When you have grown accustomed to traveling the same roads regularly, a change in traffic patterns or an unclear detour has the capacity to cause confusion and contribute to crashes. Even if you are not familiar with a particular part of the roadway, construction zones present certain hazards that increase your odds of a serious wreck.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration reports that you face a higher risk of dying in a car crash in a construction zone than you do elsewhere. In fact, while, across the nation, fatal car wrecks decreased by 1.5% from 2016 to 2017, fatal car wrecks in construction areas rose by 3% within that same window.

Contributing factors

Why is it that your chances of dying in a work zone car wreck are on the rise? Part of the problem comes from the hazards present in work zones, while part of it comes from how drivers behave in these areas.

Construction-related contributors

For example, construction vehicles, construction signage and similar equipment may impede your visibility when navigating these areas, which may enhance accident risks. Construction workers who are unclear with their signs or directions may also make you more likely to crash or make others more likely to crash into you.

Driver-related contributors

On the flip side, many motorists exercise impatience when they encounter work zones, and this may lead them to speed, drive recklessly or otherwise take unnecessary risks in these areas. Speed is a frequent factor in fatal construction zone car crashes, contributing to 203 of 2017’s 799 work zone deaths.

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