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Are there proven ways to reduce fatalities in car accidents?

Fatal car accidents occur every day across the country. They change the lives of many people in an instant. While the rate of fatal accidents is on a downward trend, even one loss of life is still an issue that needs our attention. 

Two of the top causes of fatal car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are drunk driving and speeding. Reducing the instances of these two things can greatly lower the fatality rates. Drunk driving on its own leads to one in three accident deaths. 

Reducing risks 

When it comes to drunk driving, the use of technology, such as interlock devices, may help prevent repeat offenders from getting behind the wheel. There is also a movement to lower the BAC across the country to 0.05%, which is the limit is many countries with much lower drunk driving fatality rates. 

Technology can also help curb speeding. Automated enforcement or cameras can help be in places where officers cannot to watch for and punish speeders. 

Preventative steps 

Another way to lower fatalities is to encourage drivers and passengers to follow general safety guidelines, such as wearing a seatbelt. While you are not responsible for someone else’s reckless driving and may not be able to stop an accident from occurring, you can protect yourself and your passengers through proper safety habits, which can help save lives. 

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