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4 tips for walking on winter ice

Living through another New York winter, you must deal with the cold weather every time you leave the house. Low temperatures mixed with the wind can have you hurrying to find a heated building or vehicle. But as you try to move quickly, you may face patches of ice.

Ice can build up quickly on the pavement of sidewalks and parking lots. And as people rush to get out of the cold, they can fall on the slippery surface, injuring themselves. Here are a few tips to avoid falling on ice:

  • Try not to rush – Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. And even if it’s cold, try to walk slowly and carefully to avoid falling.
  • Be careful shifting from inside to outside – Whether you take your first step out the door of a building or exit your car, be cautious of unexpected ice.
  • Wear shoes with grip – Smooth-soled or high-heel shoes may look more stylish, but you risk putting yourself in danger.
  • Pay attention to where you walk – When the pavement may be slippery, distractions like your phone can prevent you from avoiding ice.

A fall can mean more than embarrassment

If you’re lucky, a fall on the ice will only embarrass you. But you may injure your back or break a bone when you fall. A small fall on hard pavement can leave you with expensive hospital bills. And if you can’t move while you recover, you may need to take time off work.

Ice can cause anyone to slip up

You may be familiar with New York winters. And when the cold weather comes around, you have experience in staying warm and avoiding accidents.

But one small slip-up can leave you injured.