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Failure To Diagnose: A Medical Error

A misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a medical condition can be a life-threatening medical error. You rely on your doctor and physician assistants, nurses, lab technicians and other medical personnel to provide a diagnosis that is early and accurate: your health may depend upon it. Unfortunately, when a condition is misdiagnosed or diagnosis is delayed, it may result in life changing injury or even death.

Consequences of Failure to Diagnose and Treat

When a condition goes undiagnosed, some examples of serious or fatal consequences:

  • cancer may advance to an untreatable or “end stage”
  • ruptured appendix may result in prolonged convalescence or death
  • heart disease or heart attack resulting in disability
  • infection may require lengthy treatment, including IV antibiotics and surgery

There are a number of bases for pursuing a medical malpractice claim. A physician may fail to order necessary tests, or fail to recognize the early symptoms of an otherwise treatable disease. Test results can be misread or mixed up with other patient’s results. All of these can lead to critical delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Your Medical Negligence Claim

If you believe that negligence by a doctor or other medical provider has caused suffering or death, you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in obtaining compensation for victims of medical negligence. We will aggressively prosecute cases against medical providers who have negligently failed to diagnose diseases and conditions. We will obtain the services of medical experts and financial analysts to obtain full compensation for victims of medical negligence.

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Record-Setting Settlements and Verdicts

  • $15.8 Million Verdict In A Premises Liability Case

    Troy, New York – A Rensselaer County jury awarded 15.8 million to a young woman who was permanently injured at a local college

  • $4.8 Million Verdict In A Defective Product Case

    Albany, New York – A jury awarded almost $5 million to a printing press operator who sustained a serious hand injury in an on-the-job accident.

  • $4.2 Million Settlement From A Medical Negligence Case

    Warren County, New York – Settlement for the failure to timely diagnose spinal fracture.

  • $1.0 Million Verdict In A Bus Accident Case

    Bronx, New York – A jury awarded $1.0 million to a man seriously injured in a bus accident.

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