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Albany Personal Injury Case Facts

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

First, you must have suffered an injury. Second, you should consider whether your injury was someone else’s fault. Sometimes, for example in the situation where injury comes about during medical care or while using a product, it’s difficult to know without proper investigation. We can determine whether you have a case based on our decades of experience and ability to investigate the accident or medical care.

What is my case worth?

The value of a case depends on a variety of factors and cannot be determined without analyzing information regarding the extent of legal fault of the wrongdoer (known as “liability”), as well as consideration of your injury, including the extent of pain and suffering and permanency of the injury. Issues of economic loss in the form of lost wages, benefits and medical care must also be quantified. In the event of “wrongful death”, there are additional considerations in determining the value of the case, including analysis of the extent of financial dependency of surviving family members and the nature and length of suffering experienced by the victim. Each case requires a careful analysis of all of the factors involved and each results in a unique determination of value based upon our expertise in successfully ligating thousands of cases for decades.

Will I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. Most cases are settled before they reach the courtroom and some even without filing a lawsuit. Settlement avoids much of the cost and delay of proceeding to trial and may result in a greater net recovery. However, we prepare all cases as if they are going to trial and the insurance companies and their lawyers know this. If your case cannot be settled for the full measure of damages to which you are entitled, we will be ready when the time comes to proceed to court.


Record-Setting Settlements and Verdicts

  • $15.8 Million Verdict In A Premises Liability Case

    Troy, New York – A Rensselaer County jury awarded 15.8 million to a young woman who was permanently injured at a local college

  • $4.8 Million Verdict In A Defective Product Case

    Albany, New York – A jury awarded almost $5 million to a printing press operator who sustained a serious hand injury in an on-the-job accident.

  • $4.2 Million Settlement From A Medical Negligence Case

    Warren County, New York – Settlement for the failure to timely diagnose spinal fracture.

  • $1.0 Million Verdict In A Bus Accident Case

    Bronx, New York – A jury awarded $1.0 million to a man seriously injured in a bus accident.

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