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Truck Accident Injury Law: Know Your Rights

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident where their car was hit by a truck or tractor trailer, there is a chance they may be left with significant injury, pain, medical bills, lost income or worse. If you or a loved one are involved in such an accident, be sure to know your rights and what the best steps for you to take are. You can learn more about what lawyers experienced in truck accident cases can do to assist, as well as take a look at the below articles that discuss trucking accident law.

When Injuries Occur from Unsecured Loads or Cargo from a Truck

New York Truck Accident Attorney Looks At Trucking Regulations and Guidelines

Commercial trucking is a huge business in the United States. It provides an important service for Americans by transporting everything from the food that reaches our tables, the lumber used to build our homes and the cars we buy at the local dealer. With thousands of trucks on the highways every day, it is inevitable that there are serious trucking accidents due to the sheer size and number of box trucks, tractor trailers, tankers and other large vehicles of this type.

This is why there are federal trucking regulations and guidelines overseen by the Department of Transportation, in addition to applicable state laws and guidelines. These federal regulations govern rest and fatigue rules for drivers, safety checks and equipment and load measurement and balancing requirements. (more…)