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Maintaining critical vehicle systems is crucial to road safety

We live in an increasingly mobile and hurried society. Various conveyances can get us from place to place, whether that involves walking, biking, or jetting across oceans and continents.

Automobiles remain our primary mode of transportation. Driving a car or truck presents inherent risks, particularly if the driver is distracted, impaired, or outright negligent.

According to The National Safety Council, vehicle collisions account for 40,000 deaths and 4.5 million injuries annually. While human error makes up a vast majority of these accidents, vehicle maintenance cannot be overlooked. It is of paramount importance, if not critical to highway safety. Failing to be vigilant about checking and maintaining a vehicle’s critical systems can have serious consequences.

Major components that can save lives

New vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated with cutting-edge technology that manages brakes, tires, and steering. In fact, collision detection and automatic braking are standard features on many vehicles. The technology can warn a driver about an impending collision and potentially prevent a tragedy.

Whether a tires blow out, brakes fail, or a driver losing steering control, the outcome can be catastrophic, regardless of the speed you are traveling. Split-second decisions must be made as panic sets in. Having the car take control can mean the difference between life and death.

Routine inspections and repairs are paramount to keep a vehicle not just operating but functioning at a safe level. These technological breakthroughs are not for the neighbor or family member who occasionally fixes cars. You may save money, but there may be costs in the future, and not just financial. A skilled mechanic with contemporary knowledge of the latest innovations is the best, if not only, choice.

Beyond damage to a car, injuries to you or your loved ones raise the stakes when it comes to neglecting a vehicle’s critical systems.

Who is responsible?

While good and bad drivers populate roads throughout New York, everyone could improve their skills. Yet, even the most attentive driver employing defensive measures while traveling can find themselves in an accident due to not only a negligent driver but also mechanical issues.

Accident victims and their loved ones may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and medical expenses.