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Staying safe from slipping and falling when you work in food service

Working at a restaurant in New York means you will probably encounter a wet floor on occasion along with many other potential hazards. Staying safe while you are at work is a joint effort between you and your employer.

Taking initiative for your own safety may improve your confidence and overall protection. Taking responsibility for your safety may give you a better chance of getting compensation for an injury if you do end up getting hurt at work because of hazardous conditions.

Your responsibility

One of the most important things you can do is to wear proper footwear. Non-slip shoes that fit your feet the right way can provide added traction when you encounter a wet or oily surface. You should also abide by all of the protocols and instructions provided to you by your employer. Keep your workspace free of potential tripping hazards, warn your coworkers of debris or other hazards and remove anything that has caused an obstruction.

When carrying trays of food or beverages, practice proper carrying techniques and wait until you have adequate space to pass other servers. When rounding corners, verbalize your position to notify your coworkers to avoid a collision.

Your employer’s responsibility

According to EHS Today, some of the things your employer should do to protect you from slipping and falling include the following:

  • Install rubber mats and replace worn mats or rugs with frayed edges
  • Provide you with training to keep floors as dry as possible
  • Use cleaning solutions designed for floors to avoid making surfaces slick
  • Implement standard operating procedures designed to reduce hazards and mitigate risks

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