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A rear-end collision, TBI and those costly medical bills

You may never have been the victim of a vehicle crash, but that could change in an instant. Rear-end collisions, for example, happen every day in the state of New York.

Even after this kind of seemingly minor accident, you should seek prompt medical attention since you could have underlying injuries such as a brain injury.

About TBI

Vehicle crashes are a major cause of traumatic brain injury or TBI. If you have a concussion, a minor example of TBI, you might be able to resume your usual activities shortly. However, any kind of brain injury involves damage to the brain cells or neurons. The neurons will begin to heal themselves and, once healthy, will take on functions the damaged cells used to perform. However, this is a complicated effort that may necessitate added help through rehabilitation; first, to help you relearn skills the injury has caused you to forget, and second, to provide ways to compensate for any enduring impairments.

Treatment expense

Any kind of brain injury, even a concussion, can leave you with one or more lasting cognitive issues. The more serious the injury, the more serious the effects. A traumatic brain injury can result in the need for extended treatment and the potential for enormous medical bills.

Help on standby

As the victim of a vehicle crash, even if it seems minor, you may have the right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering and more. Don’t leave your financial future to fate. Learn about your options.