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Avoiding slipping and falling when you are at work

Working around equipment, machinery and even standard office furniture may create a tripping hazard. While your employer should take adequate measures to protect you and your coworkers, your own vigilance may better protect your safety. 

Your effort to take every precaution to protect yourself may support your case if negligence on the part of your employer does result in an injury to you. 

Effectively mitigating common hazards 

According to Grainger, falls attribute to nearly 65 percent of all days of missed work each year. If you recognize clutter that is taking up space in walkways, bring it to the attention of a superior. Wear proper footwear and avoid working on surfaces that are wet, slippery or poorly maintained. Be vigilant in informing your employer of areas of concern. Do your part to maintain your workspace and complete assigned housekeeping tasks to protect yourself and those around you. 

When you are at work, make sure you have enough time and the proper safety equipment and resources to perform your job effectively. If you feel rushed or are cutting corners to meet strict requirements, you may benefit from a conversation with your employer about modified responsibilities or timelines to reduce your risk of injury. 

Practicing vigilance in reporting 

If you slip, trip and fall at work, you should immediately report the incident. Timely reporting may prevent similar accidents from happening to other people and encourage action to implement solutions. Document everything that happened leading up to your accident, any injuries you have, your medical treatment and required follow up, and required recovery before returning to work. 

Your vigilance in protecting yourself, encouraging your employer to provide adequate resources and proactively reporting concerns may aid you in avoiding slips and falls at work. If you would like more information about dealing with a premises liability claim, please visit our webpage.