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What should you do as a passenger in a ride-hailing accident?

Ride-hailing app services create unique transportation opportunities for New York residents. Services like Uber or Lyft vet drivers to ensure they are reasonably safe and responsible drivers. But accidents happen. If you get injured in an accident while using a ride-hailing app service, what do you do? The Anderson, Moschetti, and Taffany legal team understands the difficulties those injured in a car accident face. Knowing what steps to take can help you maintain your equilibrium in a tough situation. 

As with all car accidents, the very first thing to do is to notify police and emergency services. Then proceed as you usually would as a passenger in any accident. Make sure you are safely out of traffic and away from dangerous vehicles. Remain on the scene and give your statement to the police when they ask. 

The next thing you should do is notify the company of your accident. Get in touch as soon as you can. Uber states on its website that the company is committed to everyone’s safety in an accident. It is essential to report the accident as soon as you can. Contact the company on the website or via the app under the “Help” section. 

It is vital to take this step to protect yourself. A driver may choose not to report the accident to the ride-hailing company, especially if the accident did not seem serious at the time. But injuries are not always apparent right away. Do not rely on either driver to notify the company. Create a point of contact with the company yourself.