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Exploring options when unsafe products cause injuries

New York residents who have been injured by an unsafe product might react first with anger, thinking “How could such a faulty device be available for sale?” Of course, the primary concern for anyone who is injured by an unsafe product is to get the necessary medical attention. From there, it may be prudent to consider the potential legal options to possibly attempt to recover financial compensation.

The hard part of attempting to obtain financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit is that cases involving injuries caused by unsafe products can be much more complex than your run-of-the-mill car accident or slip-and-fall case. “Products liability” is a unique area of the law that addresses injuries caused by unsafe or defective products. Knowing how to apply the law to the facts of any given case is a crucial part of presenting a strong claim.

Products can be unsafe when they are designed or manufactured in a negligent or reckless manner or when there aren’t adequate warnings or instructions on the safe use of the product. It is a reasonable expectation that product designers, manufacturers and retailers will not present a product to the consumer market that is unsafe for its designed use.

For more information, please visit the products liability overview section of our law firm’s website. At our law firm, we work with New York residents who have suffered injuries due to unsafe products. We know that our clients oftentimes confront these legal issues at the beginning with more questions than answers. We do our best to help our clients get the information they need to make sound decisions.