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Know your options after a motor vehicle accident

It is an unfortunate reality that in a highly populated state like New York there will be thousands of car accidents each year. And, even more unfortunate is the reality that many of these car accidents lead to injuries, ranging from minor to severe, with some leading to fatalities. Anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York needs to know the available options and the basics about a potential personal injury lawsuit.

For starters, anyone considering a personal injury lawsuit should be familiar with the concept of “negligence.” In essence, when a party is negligent, it means that party did not conform to expected behavior. For example, all drivers on the roads in New York are expected to operate motor vehicles in a reasonable manner, conforming to the required driving laws. Any deviations from this expectation could be considered negligence, possibly resulting in a car accident.

But, there are also drivers who cause accidents by being “reckless,” which is a step above negligence. A reckless driver may knowingly speed way beyond the posted speed limit, swerve in and out of traffic or even drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When it comes to car accidents in New York, injured victims may face weeks, months or even years of necessary medical treatment and physical therapy in an effort to “get their lives back.” Those efforts, of course, can cost thousands of dollars. A personal injury lawsuit may help a victim recover much needed financial compensation.