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Multiple motorcycles involved in crash

Some of our readers may have heard about a series of motorcycle accidents that occurred to the north of the Latham area in nearby Hague, in which multiple motorcycles collided in a series of quick crashes. The accidents occurred on July 27.

According to reports, a couple in a motorcycle-sidecar combination was riding on Graphite Mountain Road in an easterly direction when the man driving crossed the centerline and hit another motorcycle that was coming from the opposite direction in the other lane. Fortunately, the motorcyclist who was struck, along with a passenger, were not injured in this initial collision. The motorcyclist of the motorcycle-sidecar combination, and his wife, were both injured. The man needed to be airlifted for medical care due to the extent of his injuries, while his wife was transported in an ambulance for medical care.

However, this single collision wasn’t the extent of the mayhem. After the initial collision, another motorcyclist and his passenger struck the crash area. That second motorcyclist also needed to be airlifted for medical care, while his passenger was transported via ambulance. After that, yet another motorcyclist encountered the crash area and reportedly slid away on the ground in an attempt to avoid the previous multiple collisions. That motorcyclist needed to be transported for medical care as well, but his passenger reportedly declined treatment.

This sort of chain reaction is, unfortunately, somewhat common. In this incident, the man driving the motorcycle-sidecar combination appears to have been at-fault for causing all of this chaos, but an investigation of the incident is likely underway to make a determination.