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Worker dies after falling at construction site

It may seem like construction projects are constantly ongoing in New York, especially now that warmer weather is here. Most people in New York appreciate how dangerous construction work can be. Unfortunately, construction site accidents occur all-too frequently, sometimes leading to fatalities.

A construction site accident recently occurred in New York by Grand Central Station. The project reportedly involved the renovation of a building, which was to become a tech hub. According to the New York Police Department, a worker, age 49, was working on the fifth story of the structure when he fell 30 feet to the second story of the structure. The man was rushed to an area hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The New York Department of Buildings has ordered work to be stopped on the structure. An investigation is being conducted. It remains to be seen who, if anyone, will be liable for this construction site accident.

Unfortunately, construction site accidents are not rare. While sometimes a worker can be compensated through workers’ compensation benefits, these benefits may not be enough to cover all the expenses associate with the unexpected death of a loved one, especially if the deceased was the primary income-earner for the family. When this happens, the deceased’s loved ones may want to determine if a legal claim is possible. While workers’ compensation laws generally preclude lawsuits against an employer, it could be possible to pursue a claim against a third party, if a third party was responsible for the worker’s death. Those who lost a loved one in a workplace accident will want to make sure they explore all their possible opportunities for compensation, so they can make decisions that are in their best interests.