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New Car Technologies: How They Help and May Also Hinder Driver Safety

modern car interior featuring new car technologiesTechnology in the automotive industry is constantly changing – and changing quickly. It seems dozens of new car technologies are introduced with each new model year, making each generation of vehicles a little more advanced than the last.

While many of these new car technologies are intended to enhance vehicle safety, an argument can be made that these technologies may both help and hinder drivers from being safe. Though they benefit vehicle operators in many ways –  helping them to navigate, avoid possible collisions, operate electronics hands-free, and more –  in other ways, new technologies may also give a false sense of security and as a result, contribute to the occurrence of accidents.

The Potential Dangers of New Car Technologies

Let’s review some popular new car technologies and how they can both assist and potentially, distract drivers.

Back Up Cameras

Back up cameras and rear visibility technology are popular features in many newer vehicles. These devices are intended to help prevent back over accidents by making it easier for drivers to see what or who is behind them while backing up.

While these cameras are helpful tools, many drivers are now heavily reliant on them. The presence of a backup camera in your vehicle does not negate the necessity for you to look behind you in the rear and side view mirrors before you back up. You should be cautious and utilize the backup camera feature as a supplemental tool to increase visibility, and never rely solely on it.

Accident Avoidance Technology

Like backup cameras, accident avoidance technologies such as blind spot warning devices, brake assist and adaptive cruise control are intended to help drivers be more aware of and able to adapt quickly to their surroundings. The lights and sounds that alert drivers to objects or other vehicles in their blind spots are beneficial as they can assist drivers in avoiding hazards, while brake assist and adaptive cruise control help drivers to adjust as road conditions change.

Still, some drivers may become too reliant on these technologies. As a result, they may forget to check their blind spots with their own eyes or be cognizant of hazards that may necessitate a speed adjustment. Drivers must continue to be vigilant and fully aware while driving, despite the automated assistance they now receive from various technologies, as accident avoidance technologies in most vehicles are intended to be supplemental.


Bluetooth technology has been incredibly helpful to drivers for hands free device use while driving. Those who have cars equipped with bluetooth can easily make calls, play music and more without their hands leaving the steering wheel. This hands-free technology is a wonderful upgrade for many reasons – but it has not completely eliminated distracted driving.

For bluetooth technology to be effective, a device must be attached to a car’s bluetooth network. If a driver starts driving, realizes bluetooth is not connected and attempts to set up the connection while driving, he will be distracted attempting to make the connection and pose a danger to himself and the other drivers and passengers on the road. For this hands-free technology to truly benefit drivers, set up and technical difficulties that arise while trying to use bluetooth must be addressed while a vehicle is stationary.

GPS & Navigation System Technology

Many newer cars are equipped with GPS technology to help drivers easily reach their intended destination. Though GPS technology has completely changed the way drivers navigate and has just about eliminated the use of maps while driving, it has also created new challenges for drivers.

A car’s GPS system can also serve as a distraction. If a driver decides to utilize a GPS mid-trip and puts in the destination data while driving, some of his attention is temporarily diverted from paying attention to traffic and pedestrians.

Additionally, when a driver looks down at the screen to check the map or to review the next steps in the directions the GPS is providing, he is distracted. Following the audible directions from a GPS can also pose a problem, as a driver may not check his surroundings thoroughly if he is in a rush to make a turn as directed by the GPS.

Car Technology Continues to Evolve

Features we could only imagine decades ago are now a reality in automobile technology, and the rapid evolution of this technology is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, driverless cars are already being developed, taking automotive technology to an entirely new level!

But with this new technology it is important to keep in mind that there is still room for human error and the potential for car accidents.

Injured in a Car Accident Related to the Use of New Car Technology?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident caused by the negligent behavior of another driver – related to new car technology or not – you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

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Editor’s note: This content was originally published in 2016 but has been updated as of December 2018.

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